Siemens Gamesa warns coronavirus will keep squeezing 2020 finances

That profitability gauge had stood at 7.5 per cent a year earlier. The company’s bottom line also turned to a net loss in the quarter, but Chief Executive Marcus Tacke said he still believed it had good long-term prospects Wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa said on Wednesday that project delays and supply chain disruptions caused […]

Iberdrola raises bid for Infigen as takeover race heats up

World nations failing the poorest on energy goals: study

More than 150 million people are gaining access to electricity every year, reducing the ranks of those who live without power, but this is not enough to meet global development goals, according to a report released Wednesday. Furthermore, efforts to cut pollution from cooking food and promote renewable power for heat and transportation are likewise […]

ANU Unveils Solar-to-Hydrogen Cells Made of Silicon and Perovskite with Conversion Efficiency of 17.6%

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