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Italy Promises “Brutal” Cuts to Red Tape Delaying Renewable Energy Projects

Italy’s byzantine authorisation process has slowed down the rollout of new green energy schemes, jeopardising access to EU recovery funds and the achievement of climate targets. Rome, which needs to install up to 70 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity by 2030, is currently installing just 0.8 GW per year, in large part due to […]

Italy’s ERG Pledges 2.1 Billion Euros to Become Pure Green

OPINION: Leveraging international capital flows for India’s green recovery and clean energy transition

The finance sector needs to better integrate long-term climate risks into investment decisions, and work with governments and development partners to design suitable financing vehicles to help scale private capital flows for clean energy New Delhi: COVID-19 induced economic recession in India has created an urgent need to ramp up investments and create much-needed jobs. […]

Uncertainty in Auctioned Solar Projects in UP