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Beautiful, solar-powered EV charging stations promise to charge a vehicle in 15 minutes

Copenhagen-based architectural firm COBE has just unveiled what are possibly the most beautiful and sustainable electric vehicle charging stations in the world. Built entirely from recyclable materials and powered by solar energy, these ultra-fast charging stations not only recharge a vehicle in just 15 minutes but also offer drivers a welcoming place to rest and […]

Israel’s StoreDot and BP demonstrate five minute charging for EVs

The silent world of electric vehicles is undergoing a loud disruptive transformation with each passing day. Today for the first time, StoreDot a Israel-based innovation company working on nanotechnology and organic compounds together with its strategic partner BP demonstrated a live, full-charge of a electric two-wheeler in just five minutes. The electric scooter equipped with […]

CPS Energy celebrates Electrify America EV Charging Station Opening at North East SA Walmart

San Antonio’s first DC fast chargers offer speeds of 150 and 350 kilowatts, the fastest chargers available SAN ANTONIO: Powered by CPS Energy, Electrify America is offering its most updated and high-powered electric vehicle charging stations for the San Antonio community installed at the Walmart Supercenter located at 4331 Thousand Oaks. Paula Gold-Williams, CPS Energy’s President & CEO, […]
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