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Vietnam needs coal-fired power plants for at least another 15 years

Despite the associated environmental problems, Vietnam cannot do without coal-fired power plants for another 15 years at least, experts say. There is no current alternatives that can help Vietnam ensure energy security and maintain stable prices, they add. There are several coal-fired plants in the pipeline, set to be built by 2025, including the Nam […]

Tencent Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Rankings for China Big Tech

Argentina Is Torn Between Its Shale Dream and Climate Goals

President Alberto Fernandez took to a makeshift stage in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale deposit in October to announce the nation was doubling down on fossil fuels. “Today we are relaunching the oil and gas economy,” he declared, starting with $5 billion of government subsidies. Two months later, he had a different message for global leaders […]

Citigroup Forms Energy Transition Group Within Investment Banking

Clean Energy, Total sign JV for renewable natural gas production

The joint venture, owned equally by both firms, will have an initial firm commitment of $100 million to build renewable gas production facilities U.S. alternative fuels supplier Clean Energy Fuels Corp and its largest shareholder, European oil and gas producer Total SE, announced terms of a new joint venture on Thursday focused on renewable natural […]

Sungrow to Construct Malawi’s First Solar Plus Storage Project

Australia to revise clean energy policy and unlock $40bn in investments

The Australian government should revise its renewable energy policy to unlock future investments of up to $40 billion within the power generation sector, according to a new study released by research firm Wood Mackenzie. Two thirds of the investments are expected to flow into new-build renewables by 2030, with equal amounts going into wind and […]

Tencent Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Rankings for China Big Tech

No new policy, support to gas-based power plants at present: Government

The scheme of e-RLNG envisaged waivers and concessions to be made collectively by all stakeholders including state governments and support from Power System Development Fund (PSDF). The scheme ended on March 31, 2017. New Delhi : The government has decided not to bring any new policy or provide support to gas-based power plants at the […]

Extension of Date for Submitting Comments On Draft NEP 2021

Prime Minister Modi underscores 7 key pillars of India’s energy strategy

He also mentioned that India has saved around Rs 24,000 crore annually through the installation of 11 million smart LED street lights which have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 4.5 crore or 45 MT of CO2 annually New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today highlighted seven key pillars of India’s energy strategy […]

Sungrow to Construct Malawi’s First Solar Plus Storage Project

AGL says batteries starting to compete with gas generators for peaking services

Plunging costs and improved performance could see big batteries start to compete with gas plants to provide peaking services, and its an opportunity at least one of Australia’s largest energy companies is looking to seize, as the end of coal looms. AGL Energy’s newly appointed chief operating officer, Markus Brokhof told RenewEconomy in an interview […]

RES Offloads 80 MW Storage to Gore Street

Electric Cars Not As Green As Thought, But Cleaner Than Gas Powered Vehicles

When it comes to lowering your carbon footprint, it seems that nothing is simple. Even something like installing solar panels or using hydrogen for fuel can be more greenwashed than green if you’re not careful. As with most things in life, making the right choice becomes more complicated the closer you examine the issue. Electric […]

Climate Harm Puts Brakes on Buying Teslas with Bitcoin

Broken Hill to replace gas turbines with massive microgrid for back-up supply

The NSW country town of Broken Hill is set to host one of the world’s largest microgrids supplied by solar, wind and grid-scale storage. The homes and businesses of Broken Hill’s 17,000 strong-population are set to be powered by renewables to ensure reliable and back-up supply going forward. Under the proposal coming from transmission company […]

Tencent Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Rankings for China Big Tech


Solar, wind and batteries see dramatic gains in competitiveness over the last six months compared to longer-established energy options London and New York: Solar PV and onshore wind are now the cheapest sources of new-build generation for at least two-thirds of the global population. Those two-thirds live in locations that comprise 71% of gross domestic […]

Sungrow to Construct Malawi’s First Solar Plus Storage Project