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China’s April Inverter Export List Released: Top Three, SOFARSOLAR Refreshed the International Market Position Once Again!

  Century New Energy Network CNE analysis team released the export data of inverters manufactured in China in April 2020. Statistics show that the value of export of inverters made in China in April was US $232 million (including photovoltaic inverter, off-grid solar energy inverter, vehicle inverter, etc.), 4.36% lower than last month due to […]


Hefei, China: Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has recently released its annual report 2019 to shareholders, reporting a robust fiscal performance and key milestones in its business fields. Overview of Sungrow fiscal year · The shipments in 2019 reached 17.1GW, allowing the accumulative shipments to hit 100GW as of December 2019. […]

SOFARSOLAR leading Gujarat’s PV market

Gujarat,India: Energy demand in Gujarat, India is growing rapidly. To cover it, Gujarat government launched a solar power project for farmers-Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) (KUSUM YOJANA), enabling them to generate electricity for captive consumption and sell surplus power to grid for extra income. “In 2019, SOFARSOLAR have supplied its technology and more than 150MW solar […]

Don’t let your inverter becomes an orphan,it needs to be looked after well

  Sofarsolar technical Engineers often encounter such problems. Many users installed photovoltaic power stations, and they can take good care of solar panels like a baby.Unfortunately, inverters become an orphan were ignored when inverters sounds and lights alarm attract their attention but they keep a “set and forget” sort of deal. Don’t let your inverter […]
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