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Inauguration of President Biden Kicks Energy and Climate Agenda Into Action

Hours after being sworn in, Joe Biden resubmits U.S. to Paris Agreement and lays the groundwork for a major climate-change mitigation push. U.S. President Joe Biden hit the ground running Wednesday, with plans to sign a raft of executive orders to start the process of reversing Trump administration environmental and energy regulations and set the […]

Biden Injects Hope In Renewable Energy Supporters

US Democrats unveil carbon-neutral ‘Green New Deal’

Washington: Congressional Democrats have unveiled an unprecedented plan to reverse climate change and eliminate all US carbon emissions within 10 years, by taking drastic steps that would require transformational action across the economy. The “Green New Deal” introduced by liberal congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising Democratic star in the House, and Senator Ed Markey on […]

Biden Injects Hope In Renewable Energy Supporters