Michigan’s Comprehensive Approach to a Complicated Distributed Energy Future

California and New York offer valuable lessons to states like Michigan that are playing catch-up in transforming their utilities for a customer-centric future. Michigan is not the most aggressive state in terms of clean energy mandates, grid modernization initiatives or DER integration. But over the past few years, the Wolverine State’s energy future has begun […]

Michigan PURPA Settlement Set to More Than Triple State’s Solar Capacity

Utility Consumers Energy and the solar industry resolved their conflict, smoothing the way for deployment. Regulators in Michigan approved a settlement Wednesday compelling utility Consumers Energy to buy power from 584 megawatts of solar interconnected by September 1, 2023, multiplying by many times the 153 megawatts currently standing in the state. The settlement ends a […]

Consumers Energy Starts New Era for Renewable Energy in Michigan with Approval of Clean Energy Plan

Plan Will Eliminate Coal, Reduce Carbon Emissions 90%, Add Renewables JACKSON, Mich.: Consumers Energy today received approval from state regulators for its Clean Energy Plan, ushering in a new era for renewable energy in Michigan. The Clean Energy Plan puts Consumers Energy on a path to eliminate coal; reduce carbon emissions by over 90 percent; […]

How States Can Overcome The Looming EV Charging Infrastructure Gap: New York, Maryland, Michigan

Research shows the United States is facing a looming electric vehicle charging infrastructure gap, and is unprepared for the charging needs of expected EV deployment by 2025. Part one of this series explored how California is using its investor-owned utility (IOU) EV infrastructure programs to turn the state’s car culture into climate leadership. About half […]

Michigan Approves Its First Utility EV Charging Infrastructure Pilot

Consumers Energy gets $10 million to incentivize the deployment of EV chargers. The state that’s home to Motor City has taken its first step into utility-backed electric vehicle charging. On Wednesday, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved Consumers Energy’s PowerMiDrive initiative, a $10 million, three-year plan to incentivize the deployment of EV chargers at homes, […]