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A $23 Billion Project to Prove Whether Nuclear Fusion Can Generate Limitless Clean Energy – EQ Mag

Cracks in a key silver-lined component are creating new delays and cost overruns in the $23 billion project to prove whether nuclear fusion can generate limitless clean energy. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER, under construction in southern France is being funded by the European Union and countries including China, India, Japan, Russia and […]

India needs estimated $900 billion for just energy transition: iFOREST – EQ Mag

Will Nuclear Fusion Become the Solution for Net Zero Emission in 2050? – EQ Mag Pro

Scientists have been heavily engaged in the study of nuclear fusion over past several years in the hopes of creating the next generation sustainable and low-carbon energy. But will this particular technology actually facilitate mitigation in climate change? Nuclear fusion is definitely not an option if the global temperature rise is suppressed at below 1.5˚C. […]

Delegates discuss energy security, climate change at second G20 Framework Working Group meeting – EQ Mag

Singapore wants to generate enough solar energy for 350,000 households annually by 2030 – here’s how it plans to do that

Singapore has moved from oil to natural gas for cleaner power generation in the past 50 years, but Singapore’s energy use now needs to be even cleaner for the sake of future generations. Calling climate change a “challenge that requires us to change the way we use and produce energy”, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) […]

Global renewables capacity grew by record 10% last year – IRENA – EQ Mag