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Will Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Really Get The US To More Wind & Solar?

For all the whiz-bang cutting edge developments in new battery technology, good old fashioned pumped storage hydropower is still the number one bulk energy storage system currently available in the US. The big question is how to deploy pumped hydro in ways that funnel more wind and solar power into the US grid — and […]

Future energy needs storage push today – EQ Mag Pro

Spanish climate plan mandates 6GW-by-2030 boost for energy storage

Upcoming snap elections in Spain will decide whether newly-proposed measures including a nation-wide 6GW boost to energy storage become a reality. Draft climate change legislation green-lighted by Spanish ministers last Friday mandates a 3.5GW increase in pumped storage capacity by 2030. This, according to the legislative package tabled by Pedro Sánchez’s socialist government, would be […]

Future energy needs storage push today – EQ Mag Pro