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Coal here to stay despite India’s ambitious renewable energy goals – EQ Mag

Coal is dirty — it makes up for 40 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, its mining wreaks havoc on the environment and burning it produces pollutants like mercury which are linked to acid rain and particulate matter that causes respiratory illnesses. But the war in Ukraine has caused a mini-energy crisis […]

Rajasthan Solar Boost: Oriana Power Lands 40 MW Project – EQ

How US trees are powering Europe’s renewable energy goals – EQ Mag Pro

The European Union in 2020 sourced 21.3% of its energy from renewables, surpassing its 2009 goal. With most of the continent’s energy came from oil and petroleum products, its announcement was one of the first ambitious global promises to address climate change. Within the broad range of renewable energy sources Europe relied upon, one source […]

Role of prosumers in renewable energy adoption in India – EQ