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Driving the Hydrogen Industry Forward with Safer and Cleaner Storage Solutions

Hydrogen was the first element created after the Big Bang and remains the most abundant in the Universe, accounting for around 88.6% of its composition by weight. The gas is the richest energy source for stars like the Sun and holds great promise as a fuel here on Earth. However, it isn’t readily available in […]

Experts discuss recent innovations trends adopted in decarbonisation and promotion of Hydrogen based technologies

Safer, smarter energy options: Here’s how digitalisation may help cut energy consumption

Advances in the energy industry are not surprising since it was one of the earliest to embrace digital technologies way back in the 1970s. Today, the early adoption is paying dividends. Guest Column by Anil Chaudhry The World Economic Forum’s Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact report reveals dramatic predictions for 2025. These include 10% […]

NTPC declares commercial operation of 85 MW Bilhaur Solar PV Project in UP