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SimpliPhi Power Announces Next-Gen Batteries that AmpliPHI Connectivity & Communications

The AmpliPHI 3.8 kWh battery with intelligent communications provides real-time data that increases energy efficiency and cost savings for residential and commercial markets OXNARD, Calif : SimpliPhi Power, the leading U.S. manufacturer of safe, non-toxic, cobalt-free lithium ion energy storage systems, today announced its new AmpliPHI 3.8 kWh battery that merges clean tech with high […]

StoreDot Announces New Framework Agreement with EVE Energy to Manufacture Silicon-Dominant Extreme Fast Charge Battery for EVs

SimpliPhi Power Slashes Prices on Company’s Most Popular PHI 3.8 kWh 48V Batteries to Support Energy Safety and Security Amid Growing Climate Threats

“Energize California” initiative expands globally and will include PHI 3.8 discount in addition to previously announced special all-in-one energy storage solution pricing. OXNARD, Calif.: SimpliPhi Power, a California manufacturer of non-toxic, safe residential, commercial and mobile energy storage and emergency power systems, announced today that it is slashing the price of its most popular PHI […]

Zinc8 Energy Storage Closing in on Commercialization