Solar tariffs reshaped to favour batteries, EVs, and west-facing panels

Western Australia has come out of the blocks with a strategy to manage the state’s booming rooftop solar market that includes extending grid export payments to home batteries and electric vehicles, and encouraging new solar systems to be installed facing the west. The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme, or DEBS, was launched on Monday and will […]

EBRD, GCF & CIFs Funding Solar Plant in Kazakhstan

Solar Industry Asks Trump to Allow More Cell Imports to Spur Domestic PV Manufacturing

U.S. trade officials are preparing a midterm review of the Trump administration’s solar tariffs, with a range of potential outcomes. It’s been almost exactly two years since the Trump administration placed a 30 percent import tariff on solar cells and modules. And in large part, the industry has coped. Market conditions like module oversupply and […]

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $2M to Develop Hydrogen Technologies

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