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Samsung Develops 900Wh Solid-State Battery

Existing lithium-ion batteries can’t get close to the energy density of this solid-state prototype. The dominance of lithium-ion batteries may be coming to an abrupt end if Samsung’s latest prototype solid-state battery makes it to market. Solid-state batteries are highly desirable if someone can perfect their design and manufacture. They use a solid electrolyte making […]

Zinc8 Energy Storage Closing in on Commercialization

Blackstone Resources to Build World-Class Solid-State Battery

BAAR, Switzerland: Blackstone Resources AG (SWX: BLS) has teamed up with several strategic partners from Germany, Belgium, Poland and Austria, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. It has started to build and will finance its own research team with these partners. These include research specialists from a number of disciplines that are based at the Fraunhofer […]

Zinc8 Energy Storage Closing in on Commercialization