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Tezpur University Sets A Great Example In Sustainability, Generates 90,000 KW Solar Power

Around the world, there is a growing awareness on the ill-effects of the dependence on non-renewable energy sources and the need for switching to more eco-friendly and renewable sources to generate power. One of the most popular renewable sources to generate power is the sun and around the world, the generation of solar energy has […]

How Cash-Strapped Power Distributors Are Holding Back Rooftop Solar Power

Tezpur University generates electricity from solar power

At a time when the world is fighting Climate Change and exploring alternative ways to generate energy, Tezpur University is prioritizing the use of renewable energy for generating electricity for its buildings and classrooms as a part of its sustainable campus initiatives. The University considers five thematic areas i.e. energy, water, waste, natural ecosystems and […]

Australia Installs Record-Breaking Number of Rooftop Solar Panels