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The Summer of Battery Storage

This week on The Interchange, we dig into the onslaught of storage news with GTM’s Julian Spector. We may be facing one of the worst economic downturns in American history, but it hasn’t stopped the surge in battery storage development. We’re constantly hearing phrases like “world’s largest” and “record-breaking” as new gigawatt-scale projects are unveiled […]

Advanced compressed air energy storage project gets funding help from Canadian government

Merchant Solar and Wind: A Ticking Time Bomb?

On The Interchange podcast this week: we explore the long-term risks of merchant renewable energy for developers. Since the dawn of grid-connected wind and solar, long-term power purchase agreements were the financial glue that held projects together. Developers could rely on relatively simple multi-decade contracts, thanks in large part to policy that encouraged or mandated […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030

Who Is Winning the Electric Vehicle Race?

On this week’s Interchange podcast, we look at the latest EV activity from the world’s biggest automakers. Within the next decade, automakers will invest up to $300 billion in electric models, according to a recent tally from Reuters. These automakers are also spending billions more on autonomy to complement those investments. It could result in […]

Electric Car: Mercedes takes fight to Tesla

How Flexible, Dispatchable Solar Works

On this week’s Interchange podcast: Can solar rival gas plants in providing grid services? Forget everything you think you know about solar. A growing body of research and real-world experience shows that solar can be a flexible, dispatchable resource. And it can potentially rival gas plants in providing grid regulation services — without the use […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030