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U.K. Grid Installs New Kit to Stop Green Power Going to Waste

National Grid Plc is installing new technology on the U.K. network that will remove bottlenecks of renewable power and free up enough power to supply a million homes that would otherwise be wasted. When it’s very windy, too much electricity is sometimes being supplied to the network in one place, with parts of the system […]

GAF Energy Builds Out U.S. Solar R&D And Manufacturing Facility

Electric-vehicle startups promise record-setting revenue growth

Companies with little revenue today project explosive growth in short time; some investors are skeptical It took Google eight years to reach $10 billion in sales, the fastest ever for a U.S. startup. In the current SPAC frenzy, a spate of electric-vehicle companies planning listings are vowing to beat its record—in some cases by several […]

Policy Roadmap for Electric Vehicles in India

U.K. Pension Fund Nest to Invest $347 Million in Renewable Power

Nest Corp., the U.K.’s biggest pension fund by members, will invest 250 million pounds ($347 million) in renewable energy through a partnership with investment manager Octopus Renewables. Nest’s managers are looking to diversify the fund’s holdings and support the transition toward clean energy. It’s part of a growing wave of investment by institutional investors into […]

GAF Energy Builds Out U.S. Solar R&D And Manufacturing Facility

Ola’s 500-acre e-scooter factory in Bengaluru to make EV every 2 seconds

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt hopes to make 10 million vehicles annually or 15% of the world’s e-scooters by the summer of 2022, starting with sales abroad later this year Bhavish Aggarwal surveys the empty 500-acre expanse encircled by neon-painted homes, tiny shrines and mango groves. The high-profile Ola founder hopes to erect the world’s largest […]

Policy Roadmap for Electric Vehicles in India

Centrica in Talks With U.K. to Develop Hydrogen Storage

Centrica Plc is in talks with the U.K. government about plans to convert its disused Rough natural gas storage site off the coast of northeast England to store hydrogen. The conversion requires about 650 million pounds ($908 million) of investment and would create several thousand jobs during construction, Chris O’Shea chief executive officer said in […]

BMW To Introduce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered X5 In 2022

U.K. on Cusp of Battery Boom to Boost Renewable Power Supply

Developers of batteries in the U.K. have projects on the go that would increase the country’s capacity more than 14 times what it is today. Batteries are crucial to complement renewable power by storing electricity from wind and solar farms. As the U.K. works to quadruple its offshore wind farm capacity this decade, the growing […]

Preventing Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems

Utility scale, rather than behind-the-meter batteries will drive energy storage take-up – Bloomberg u-turn

The analyst has published its latest Energy Storage Outlook report and says large scale deployment will provide the majority of the 1,095 GW/2,850 GWh of battery storage worldwide in 2040, with prices driven down further by grid services demand and EVs. he rise of electromobility and demand for stationary storage will drive lithium-ion battery costs […]

Preventing Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems