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Building Turkey’s 1st sustainable, solar-powered village in Assos

Right across from the ancient city where Aristotle founded his very own philosophy school after leaving the Platonic Academy in Athens, a group of Turkish professionals are planning to establish Turkey’s first sustainable village. According to Önder Halisdemir, the founder of Nefes Assos, the village comes as an answer to the growing problem of overcrowdedness […]

Masdar Submits Lowest Bid for Uzbekistan’s Sherabad PV Solar Project

Village left out of solar power project, Isoc admits

The Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) on Tuesday admitted that its 45-million-baht solar power project in Chiang Mai’s Omkoi district had not yet reached a remote village that ended up being helped out by a YouTube celebrity. Isoc was responding to criticism on social media about why it had invested so much money in the […]

Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Output up Nearly 160 Percent in Q1

First in Africa: Morocco’s Id Mjahdi Village is Solely Powered By Solar Panels

This month, a small Moroccan village earned the distinction of becoming Africa’s first fully solar powered village. 32 solar panels were brought online and connected to a mini-grid system that delivers electricity to around 50 residents of Id Mjahdi, a small village near the seaside town of Essaouira. The project cost just $188,000 to build […]

Masdar Submits Lowest Bid for Uzbekistan’s Sherabad PV Solar Project

T’gana to go for 1000 MW solar energy, one-time settlement of dues of panchayats

The Telangana government on Wednesday said it would go for one-time settlement of dues of panchayats and municipalities to state-run electricity organisations and warned that henceforth heads of local bodies will be ‘punished’ for non-payment of bills on time. Chief Minister K Chandrasekar Rao, who presided over a review meeting on the power sector, said […]

Australia and Korea Can Become Renewable Energy Superpowers Together