65GW of European Onshore Wind Turbines Need Upgrades or Replacements by 2028

With more wind turbines in Europe reaching end-of-design-life, regulation will be essential to preserving wind capacity. Some 65 gigawatts of European onshore wind turbines will reach end-of-design-life by 2028. From 2019 to 2028, an average of 4 gigawatts of turbines per year that are reaching end-of-design-life will be lifetime extension (LTE) suitable, according to new […]

Why India should turn the page on its coal future

India’s support to coal artificially prolongs the life of a sector that is too costly — financially, for health and for the climate India’s coal story is long and complex. It spans across the political, economical and environmental canvases of the country. However, new times call for new thinking. With record capacity additions and investments […]