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The first PV highway in the world are using Growatt string inverters

The first PV highway in the world are using Growatt string inverters


On Dec 28.2017, the first PV highway was launched at Shandong province in China. The pioneering PV tech is coming.

This magical photovoltaic road is located at the southern city(named Nan Raocheng), total length of 1000 meters, which integrates load-supporting photovoltaic pavement technology, and at the same time under the pavement, reserves Electromagnetic induction coil and the port of information technology. The highway employs all Growatt20000UE inverters. Grid-connected power generation is already realized, and it is the world’s first highway for photovoltaic research & development and installation.

The pavement, as a PV power plant, turns sunlight into electricity.

One hundred years ago, the electricity ended the dark for human being, and opened a new gate for the society progress. Since the rapid development of Internet of Things, PV highway is a new opportunity with booming development. This SUPER highway is named Load-supporting high speed solar highway, which is paved with new material, similar to frosted glass, and the friction coefficient is higher than traditional asphalt pavement. That result in the tyre not slipped, and make sure it safe. It owns a little higher transmittance, and lets the sunlight penetrate it. The solar battery turns the sunlight into electricity, and transport it to the power grid in the real time.

Growatt inverters are the heart of the highway of PV power plant, and they undertake the responsibility of electricity transformation, intelligent management, safe protection, etc. GPGS smart monitoring system from Growatt integrates the hardware, software, and cloud platform together, and also covers many functions like data collection, data analysis, energy monitoring, early warning, remote management.  Monitoring the real-time operation of highway’s PV equipment and maximizing each module’s generating capacity, and improving investment benefit are quite popular among our customers.

 PV highway provides electricity and extra energy for local street lamps, electronic intelligence, automatic spray of snow melt agent, tunnel and charging power station.

In winter, the PV highway monitors the icy pavement’s detecting system, perceives the freezing status, and auto starts the electric heating system to turn the light into heat energy. Then the snow on the pavement is removed on time, and safety of travel is guaranteed.

In the future, the PV highway will make the electric vehicles run and recharge.

Source: ginverter

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