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TiSUN®s solar technology is booming in the Arabian Market

TiSUN®s solar technology is booming in the Arabian Market


In the Arabian market innovation and expertise regarding the expansion of solar technology are highly appreciated. The potential of the sun has been recognised and the exports of the Austrian based solar manufacturer TiSUN® GmbH to the Arabian market are expanding rapidly. Due to the intense solar radiation in the Arabian area, solar thermal systems in this area usually amortize in less than 5 years and are therefore one of the best sources of renewable energy. Therefore it is not surprising that TiSUN® has received multiple large orders recently, amongst others a huge solar thermal system on the new university campus of Kuwait City, no less than 1040 systems on the YAS Island in Abu Dhabi and multiple systems at the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project Msheireb in Downtown Doha (Qatar).

About five years ago, TiSUN® was asked to plan and develop solar thermal systems for the largest faculty of the newly built university campus of Kuwait City. In 2016 the project planning and production was finished and in 2017 the systems will finally be assembled on two buildings (men’s faculty and women’s faculty) of the University Campus. The total collector area comprises 1173 m² and provides an estimated solar yield of 670 MWh annually, with an estimated reduction of CO2 emissions of 356 t per year. The solar system not only provides the 7700 students and academics with an average of 65000 litres of hot water per day, it is also excellent for research and teaching purposes to further promote the development of solar technology in the Arabian area.

On the YAS Island (Abu Dhabi) 1040 TiSUN® solar hot water sets will be installed, with a total collector area of 7800 m2. These solar sets have a specifically designed sand filter, in order to adapt to the local environment. As backup heating, electric heating rods are installed. The solar efficiency of each system is around 90%.

Another large project, with more than 100 buildings, is Msheireb Downtown Doha (Qatar), the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. TiSUN®s solar systems fit perfectly to the sustainable goals. The systems have different sizes, depending on the size of the building, in order to achieve utmost efficiency. TiSUN® has successfully completed the first phase of the project, and its sample collector field of 64 m2 was accepted. Continuing with the second phase of the project, 244 m2 of large collectors including accessories (more specifically, 4 Pro Clean® dual coil 4000 Litre tanks, collector frame 20°, plate heat exchanger, anti-stagnation units, solar expansion tank and a data interface to the building management system) were delivered. Although the project has not been fully completed yet, TiSUN® hopes to continue to deliver its solar systems for this and other sustainable projects in the future.

TiSUN® has been developing, producing, and distributing complete systems for solar thermal energy for more than 25 years. The solar systems provide independent, inexhaustible, and free solar energy for heating support, water heating, process heating, and cooling. TiSUN® is known to be a specialist in the solar thermal industry in Europe, and sells its products all over the world. All products meet the strict quality criteria of the Solar Keymark certificate.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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