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VIASPACE Serves As Engineering Expert For Clean Energy Solutions’ Projects In Hawaii

VIASPACE Serves As Engineering Expert For Clean Energy Solutions’ Projects In Hawaii


VIASPACE Inc. (OTC: VSPC) announced that Clean Energy Solutions (CES) has retained VIASPACE as its agriculture feedstock resource and engineering expert for renewable energy projects being pursued in Hawaii.

Clean Energy Solutions, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, develops renewable, clean energy projects including biogas and electricity. CES has extensive experience in project development and management, engineering and construction of power plants.

In Hawaii, CES is working with Hawaii Gas, the state’s only franchised gas utility, to assess the use of the VIASPACE Giant King Grass® to produce biogas. Giant King Grass grows especially well in Hawaii and can produce some of the highest yields per acre of any energy crop. Perennial grasses like Giant King Grass also demonstrate favorable greenhouse gas system emissions, which reduces the net amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Biogas produced from Giant King Grass can be upgraded to pipeline quality methane, which is known as renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG can then be used directly by gas utility customers, by the electric utility or independent power producers for electricity generation and by the transportation industry for fleet or passenger vehicles.

Hawaii Gas is an indirect subsidiary of Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation, a $6.8 billion New York Stock Exchange listed corporation that owns, operates and invests in a portfolio of infrastructure businesses in the United States. Hawaii Gas supplies the island of Oahu with synthetic natural gas, and also provides propane to customers on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawaii.

VIASPACE Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Carl Kukkonen, stated, “There are 17,000 anaerobic digesters operating in Europe alone. We are well acquainted with biogas in Europe. This is a mature and reliable technology, with many potential suppliers of all components. The high yield of Giant King Grass makes it the most cost-effective energy crop to provide a secure source of feedstock for the digester. VIASPACE has provided system designs and preliminary cost estimates for CES. We have also traveled to Hawaii with CES to evaluate potential plantation sites. The Giant King Grass will be provided from the VIASPACE nursery in Hawaii. Giant King Grass, a natural non-genetically modified grass approved by the USDA, was successfully imported into Hawaii after meeting strict import requirements including 12 months of quarantine by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.”

Mr. McCabe Cox, Chief Operating Officer of Clean Energy Solutions, said, “VIASPACE has provided timely support for our Hawaii projects — for both agriculture and design and engineering of the biogas facility. We work well with VIASPACE. They have incorporated some advanced technology from CES partners that make the projects even more attractive.”

Cox continued, “Giant King Grass, when cut every two months, is excellent feed for dairy cows and beef cattle which can contribute to Hawaii’s food sustainability. In the future, Giant King Grass could be used to produce liquid transportation fuels for Hawaii as well. CES is developing other renewable energy projects in addition to Hawaii, and we plan to work with VIASPACE on these as well.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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