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26 places earmarked for EV charging stations – EQ Mag

26 places earmarked for EV charging stations – EQ Mag


To encourage people to switch to electric vehicles (EVs), there is a plan to set up charging stations and 26 places have been earmarked for these across the district.

Two EVs have been made available for the Kullu Regional Transport Office (RTO), one of which is being used by it and another by a flying squad. Two EV charging points of 7.2 kW have been set up on the Mini Secretariat premises.

Charging stations will be set up at Jari; PWD Rest House, Bajaura; luxury bus stand, Manali; Patlikul bus stand; Kullu bus stand; Banjar bus stand; Nature Park, Babeli; Cattle Ground, Kullu; Siyal Bihal, Manali; Bandrol; Bajaura; Mangalore; Bini; Ghiyagi; Sainj; and Largi. Eight charging stations are to be installed in Anni subdivision.

RTO Prakash Chand Azad said the land had been transferred to the Transport Department for setting up charging stations at Jari and Bajaura rest house, while no-objection certificates were yet to be obtained at 24 places. “Also, the Forest Conservation Act permission is yet to be obtained from the Forest Department in some cases. Formalities have been completed and its report has been sent to the state government,” Azad added.

Deputy Commissioner Ashutosh Garg said with the objective of heading towards a green state, the state government was promoting EVs. He said 26 places had been earmarked in the district where EV charging stations would be set up.

The government has targeted to make HP a green energy state by 2025. Under this plan, vehicles of all government departments in the state have to be replaced into electrical energy operated ones by 2025.

The HRTC is running 25 EV buses on various routes in Kullu, including tourist hotspots of Rohtang and Atal Tunnel. For charging these buses, seven stations have been set up in Kullu and five in Manali, which have a capacity of 80 kW each, and each bus takes two hours to charge, after which it can travel up to 200 km.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is also developing three sites along the national highway adjacent to Manali, which will have charging stations besides other basic facilities for tourists and locals.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network