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Airport Authority of India (AAI), Pune to be on 100% Solar

Airport Authority of India (AAI), Pune to be on 100% Solar


Airport Authority of India (AAI), Pune set the deadline of March 31 for the completion of the 300 kWp solar power plant project. But they missed the deadline and are now targeting April 30 for the switch-over to solar power from conventional energy. On February 10, 2018, the AAI Pune announced the construction of a new 300 kWp solar plant on its premises by March 31. But due to the incomplete work, the deadline has been extended to mid-April.

Senior officials from the Lohegaon International Airport said,

“Although the deadline set by us for the completion of the project was March 31, because of some difficulties in procurement of all the materials, we could not complete the project in the stipulated time. We have already completed half of the work. On Sunday evening we received all the remaining materials which had caused a hindrance in completing the project. Therefore, having all the things in place, we are confident of completing the work by mid of April.”

The official also stated that there will be 50% reduction in the price as soon as the 300 kWp solar plant is implemented. Ahmedabad-based company named Varchasva Industries will be setting up the entire plant. The solar power plant will be set up at the airport hangar. Around 2,600 LEDs were installed at the airport last week, leading to reduced electricity consumption.

But, the airport authority is not going to put off regular electrical power supply. Officials further stated,

“While the solar power would be used as the primary source of electricity at the airport, regular electrical power supply will also be kept as an alternative. It will be used in case of any unforeseen hindrance.”

Previously, Cochin International Airport had implemented a solar power plant and had become India’s first airport to run on solar power.

Source: The Times of India
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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