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Alignus 1.5s: ASYS is heading to optimized PV-automation

Alignus 1.5s: ASYS is heading to optimized PV-automation


The new dual lane metallization line Alignus 1.5s underlines the philosophy of the ASYS group in terms of PV-automation. Following the slogan “we count down”, ASYS is focusing on reducing cycle times of every process step in the line. The new Alignus 1.5s, according the name, comes up with a cycle time of 1.5 seconds and generates an output of 4,800 wafer per hour. The new line marks the beginning of the time-reducing process in ASYS metallization lines.

Stress-free handling for highest productivity
The Alignus 1.5s features further benefits: As the cells are aligned without any wafer edge contact, breakage rates could now be reduced substantially. Additionally, the cell testing platform has been re-designed to process all kind of cell technologies at reduced stress. Hence it as well contributes to higher productivity. The stress reduction is achieved by the usage of a motorized contacting unit, thus contact resistance is minimized. Furthermore, the new tester is easily adjustable to 2 up to 6 busbars and therefore provides highest flexibility in the contacting process. Also in the process step “testing” cycle time has been optimized: now the cell is aligned in parallel to the testing. Thus cycle time is reduced however the machine still operates with highest accuracy. The I-V test system of the Alignus 1.5s is provided by the ASYS subsidiary company BOTEST, who is market leader in testing of all kinds of different cell types. Service requests can be forwarded directly to ASYS, who will guarantee quick support for fastest re-implementing of the machine.

Simplified printing
Besides, the Autohead print head is now included in the screen printers as standard. As the vertical movement is motorized, e.g. the down stop position, it can be regulated more accurately and without any manual intervention of the operator. The squeegee position is programmable and will adjust automatically to wafer height. Another benefit of the Autohead is the locked recipe set-up. As further programmed recipe data is saved, it can be recalled effortlessly. This enables higher repeatability rates and an improved screen lifetime.

Relief on operators-side
As usual for ASYS metallization lines, Alignus 1.5s supports single side operation which additionally simplifies the job of the operator, saves manpower and allows tight installation of metallization lines in the plant. Thus ASYS metallization lines claim less space at same productivity. ASYS Group is working on a self-organized production to the greatest possible extent, which comes along with the Industry 4.0 approach. ASYS metallization lines are meanwhile “PULSE ready”, meaning line control and operation can be regulated via smart devices. The PULSE app “Alerts&info” provides messages about machine status and warnings or machine stoppings on tablets and smart watches. The app generates a list with prioritized tasks and supplies support information. Hence, the operator now receives all kind of machine signals directly on the wrist and can react to warnings and machine stops efficiently. Handling modules can be directly controlled from the tablet which makes long distance paths obsolete and saves time. The award-winning PULSE software has already been installed in several PV-production plants. Evaluations at customer site confirm significant reduction of line stops and essential growth in production whilst the operator is evidently relieved.

About the ASYS Group
The ASYS group of companies is a global technology company and a leading manufacturer of handling, process and special machines for the electronics and solar industries. The corporate headquarters in Dornstadt near Ulm, Germany controls the activities of the subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. The ASYS Group employs over 1000 staff worldwide and supplies both standard products and customized solutions.

Source : Asys Group Asia
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