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Battery Energy Storage System comes with 15.9 MWh rated capacity that equates the battery capacity of two million smart phones

Battery Energy Storage System comes with 15.9 MWh rated capacity that equates the battery capacity of two million smart phones


As a general contractor for “eins – energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG” (eins) BELECTRIC is currently constructing the largest battery storage system of Saxony in Chemnitz. The storage system will provide primary frequency response for the electricity market, expected to be available for the 2nd quarter 2017. The project received one million euros in funding from the state of Saxony and represents an important component for the security of supply in Saxony. On October 6th 2016, State Secretary Stefan Brangs presented the grant for the project, which has a total investment volume of approximately 10 million euros.

“With our funding of the battery storage system, we can cope a little bit better with the challenges presented by the Energiewende. Ensuring the security of the energy supply is our top priority. This is why, among other things, Saxony is investing in energy storage to compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid. In addition to the grid expansion, storing electricity from primarily renewable energy sources is a component for security of supply in the future as well”, says State Secretary Brangs. In the last three years, energy storage technology has become suitable for everyday use. The current systems not only have high capacity, rather, they also provide special grid services that make the most of our modern power grids for the future without further grid expansion. “As a municipal energy producer and distributor, our role is to actively shape the energy turnaround. We can contribute to the success of the energy turnaround with our battery storage system”, says Roland Warner, Chairman of the eins Management Board.

Thanks to high reliability BELECTRIC energy storage systems will be used to provide primary frequency response. “Modern power grids are intelligent and demand-oriented. In the renewable energy supply sector ancillary grid services are not only provided by conventional power plants. Decentralized solutions play a primary role, dependent on the region and availability the most environmentally friendly, low-loss power supply can be realized. Our energy storage systems are the link between modern grids and the volatile power generation of renewable energies. The flexibility of our energy storage systems to deliver full power in a fraction of a second is an important advantage to stabilize the power grid”, explains Bernhard Beck of BELECTRIC.

The current project is one of the largest battery energy storage systems in Germany and one of several projects, which BELECTRIC is developing and realizing domestically and abroad. The long-time experience of the construction of solar pv power plants and integrated energy systems qualifies BELECTRIC as a competent general contractor in the battery storage system market. In contrast to BELECTRIC’s modular EBU (Energy Buffer Unit) product series, the project for eins involves a building-integrated battery system solution. The battery storage building is designed and constructed in corporation with architects and engineers of ADOBE Architekten+Ingenieure GmbH. BELECTRICs in-house experience in solar power plant construction, building construction, software development, and project realization create the competence to implement these types of customized solutions shortly.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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