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BlueRock Solar Launches Community Solar Projects for New York State Residents

BlueRock Solar Launches Community Solar Projects for New York State Residents


BlueRock Solar, the solar energy affiliate of BlueRock Energy an award-winning energy solutions company that provides electricity, natural gas and renewable energy products to businesses and residential customers, today announced the launch of BlueRock community solar projects. BlueRock Solar General Manager Michael Francis will spearhead these shared community projects that aim to make solar accessible to all New York State residents and businesses.

An estimated 75 percent of the population does not currently have the ability to invest in and utilize solar power. BlueRock Solar’s upcoming projects will give all New York State residents the opportunity to benefit from solar by tapping into off-site solar farms and using net metering – a method which credits solar energy participants for the electricity they add to the grid.i

“Our community shared solar projects will provide a new, innovative way for New Yorkers to access clean solar energy, bringing even more efficient energy services to our customers,” says Michael Francis, General Manager of BlueRock Solar. “Customers who typically cannot afford or are unable to participate in solar projects and utilize solar power now have the opportunity to do just that.”

President and CEO of BlueRock Energy and BlueRock Solar, Phil Van Horne, is looking forward to offering current and future customers even more choice and savings.

“With the majority of the population unable to invest in solar, whether it be that they are unable to install panels on their rooftop because they rent their space, have a shaded rooftop or unsuitable roof space, or because they simply cannot afford the options that are presently on the market, we are excited to be expanding into the solar market and offering even more savings to the population and our 18,000 plus customers,” says Phil Van Horne, President and CEO.

Each BlueRock Solar project will be able to power up to 200 homes per year, limited to 2 megawatts per project, with specific zones being announced in coming weeks. This new solar division also plans to expand similar projects to BlueRock Energy’s customers in Pennsylvania and Connecticut in the near future.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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