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Energy Swaraj Yatra: India to be most impacted by climate change, says IIT Bombay prof – EQ

In Short : This perspective is in line with scientific assessments and global reports that highlight the heightened climate risks faced by India due to its large population, diverse ecosystems, and dependence on agriculture. These factors make the country particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of climate change. In Detail : Indore : An Indian […]

India should not take new commitments at COP28 climate talks in Dubai: GTRI – EQ

In Short : There could be several reasons behind this stance. It’s possible that GTRI believes India’s current commitments or efforts are appropriate and that the country should focus on implementing existing measures rather than taking on new obligations. Another possibility is that GTRI may advocate for a more deliberate and strategic approach, suggesting that […]

Andhra Pradesh CM Lays Foundation for Solar Projects, Substations worth ₹6,600 crores – EQ

In Short : In addition to the solar power projects, the Chief Minister also laid the foundation for 7 substations, which will help in enhancing the transmission and distribution infrastructure in the state. These substations will improve power supply to the agriculture sector, industries, and households. In Detail : Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Y.S. […]

India Launches Auction for Critical Minerals to Meet Renewable Energy & Defence Needs – EQ

In Short : The initiative to procure critical minerals aligns with India’s efforts to reduce its dependence on imports and bolster its self-reliance in key industrial sectors. By securing a domestic supply of essential minerals, India aims to fortify its energy security and enhance its ability to meet the demands of its rapidly expanding renewable […]

India needs $101 bn additional financing to reach net-zero targets: Ember – EQ

In Short : According to the analysis by Ember, an energy and climate research organization, India would require an additional $101 billion in financing to achieve its net-zero emissions targets. This significant financial investment would be crucial for India’s transition to a low-carbon economy and the implementation of sustainable energy initiatives. In Detail : New […]