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Meyer Burger awarded first large-scale contract for 600 MW Heterojunction and SmartWire technologies for CHF 74 million

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (SIX Swiss Exchange: MBTN) signed a major strategic contract for its Heterojunction (HJT) and SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT™). A leading non-Chinese solar company has ordered core equipment for a 600 MW Heterojunction and SWCT™ integrated production line. With this order, the customer has chosen today’s most advanced industrialized PV manufacturing platform […]

DNV GL’s On-site Solar Lab brings advanced and reliable PV testing to the field in India

New on-site testing will eliminate logistics-related challenges and reduce turnaround time of testing at location Flash test/I-V curve measurement and electroluminescence (EL) testing for PV modules conducted in the field with lab-grade accuracy PV module quality assurance program in the field can significantly reduce technology and investment risks. Mumbai, India – 11 December 2018: DNV […]

Solar-Tectic LLC granted breakthrough CZTS thin film tandem solar cell patent

The patent, US 10,062,792 titled “Method of Making a CZTS/Silicon Thin-Film Tandem Solar Cell,” is for high efficiency and cost effective earth abundant non-toxic solar cells, with the potential to surpass current dominant silicon wafer solar panel efficiencies as well as those of the commercially available thin-film solar cell technologies such as CIGS, CdTe, and […]

Wildfires Are Threatening California’s Renewables Strategy

California’s ambitious drive to combat climate change may hinge on the fate of its biggest utility owner. The embattled PG&E Corp. would face higher borrowing costs if its credit rating falls to junk following California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire. That could affect the state’s green-energy strategy, potentially making solar farms more expensive and threatening […]

IIT-R, CSIR-NCL jointly develop dyes to increase efficiency of solar cells

Roorkee: Researchers from IIT Roorkee have developed organic dyes in collaboration with CSIR-NCL Pune that can increase efficiency of Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC). The team of researchers led by M Sankar, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Roorkee, have worked to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiencies of an organic dye called porphyry for DSSC applications. […]

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES signs during the China International Import Expo Show (CIIE) further Agreements for the Delivery of Production Systems for CIGS Solar Modules

Kahl am Main/Shanghai: During the International Import Expo Show (CIIE) in Shanghai, China, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES today signed a further letter of intent (LOI) for the delivery of more than 10 production machines for the manufacturing of 300 MW of CIGS thin-film solar modules. After China National Building Materials, Peking (CNBM) signed already yesterday an agreement […]

Kanazawa University Research: Highly efficient Wet-processed Solar Cells With Molecules in the Same Orientation

KANAZAWA, Japan: Researchers at Kanazawa University report in the journal Organic Electronics documents a new method for controlling the orientation of conducting molecules in organic solar cells that results in the enhanced light adsorption and performance of the cells. 2D-GIWAXS images of DRCN5T thin films deposited on PEDOT:PSS substrates 327 (a) without and (b) with a CuI buffer layer […]

Chinese imports are undermining ‘Make in India’

Manufacturing strategy needs to be synchronised with phasing out of under-invoiced imports from China Most countries are critical of China’s approach to trade and investment. The 145th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce, July 2018, is critical of the impact of massive Chinese import through unscrupulous means (under-invoicing/misdeclaration/smuggling, selling of substandard/counterfeits/rejects and routing […]

SCHMID Group, SABIC and RIWAQ announced their collaboration at FII

SCHMID Group, SABIC and RIWAQ announced their collaboration at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Forum to set up joint ventures in the fields of Energy Storage and Advanced Silicon Material. At the Future Investment Initiative (FII) forum in Riyadh, SCHMID Group, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and RIWAQ announced their collaboration for establishing a KSA […]