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CATL – KSTAR Has Completed New Factory Buiding in China

CATL – KSTAR Has Completed New Factory Buiding in China


CATL-KSTAR Science & Technology Co., Ltd has announced on March 9 that it has finished building two new energy storage factories in Fujian, China with an annual production capacity of 1GW.  Energy storage manufacturing giant CATL and KSTAR have established a joint venture named CATL-KSTAR Science &Technology Co.,Ltd  to support the design of high quality storage products to meet the needs of international customers. CATL-KSTAR uses advanced technologies to maximise electricity generation, and all products are integrated with a CATL battery and KSTAR inverter.

The company said “decided to enhance and maintain sustainable production of energy storage systems around the world, given the gradual growth of the global market, with the creation of  new CATL-KSTAR factories.”

The 206,907 square meter factories, based in the Xiapu Economic Development Zone, feature two production lines for energy storage PCS equipment, two lines for charging lines and an additional line for battery pack assembly.

The new factories in Fujian,China have created more than 600 new jobs as a result of the development, CATL-KSTAR  said.

Completion of new production building will bring more opportunities for the energy storage industry worldwide and reduce CO2 emissions in the near future.

CATL, has had a global lithium-ion production capacity of more than 50 GWh by 2020. KSTAR, is devoted to new energy solutions for many years. There is 25 GW installation for KSTAR worldwide.

Learn more: www.kstar.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network