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CECEP Solar will attand Intersolar Europe 2017

CECEP Solar will attand Intersolar Europe 2017


From May 31-June 2, 2017, the most influential solar exhibition — Intersolar Europe 2017 will be held in Munich Trade Fair Center, Munich, Germany. CECEP as a leading manufacturer of solar cells and modules, will be there exhibiting its latest products.

60 cell PERC Mono Double-glass Module

1. The pioneering PVB double glass module,higher loading and good impact resistance,can load 1200 kg, still can ensure no mico-cracked. Win the State science and technology progress prize;

2. The service life is more than 30 years,annual attenuation is less than 0.5%;

3. 100% of PID-free, Low decay rate,watertightness,high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.Ideal for sunshine-roof, curtain wall, BIPV,etc;

4. Applicable to 1500V system;Fire rating CLASS A;Excellent weather resistance;

5. Adjustable color and transparency.

Shingled Cell Module

1. Higher power generation efficiency in unit area;

2. Reduce 10% BOS cost;

3. Under the same condition of covering by shade, heat spot generation capacity generated is further less than conventional module;

4. 5400pa Mechanical load,Effectively increase the reliability and stability of the product,Excellent tolerability;

5. Ideal for ground, commercial and residential installations.

Double-glass Module with 120 Polycrystalline half-cells

1. RIE and PERC technology;

2. Unique PVB technology;

3. Brand-new layout and structure of modules;

4. Higher loading and good impact resistance,lower LCOE;

5. Ideal for residentiaL,BIPV,etc.

60 cell High Efficiency Polycrystalline Module

1. Power improvement by 10-15W more than a conventional module

2. RIE and PERC technology

3. Excellent low light effect

4. Ideal for ground,commercial and residential installations



1. Control、inverter、energy storage three in one, convenient use;

2. Using power frequency transformer isolation, multiple protection, safe and reliable;

3. Support PV and complementary, backup charging and emergency power supply functions.

Solar street lamp:

Compared with the traditional street lamp, this product does not need trenching and wiring. It is characterized by easy installation, energy conservation, environmental protection, higher efficiency and battery maintenance free. Storage is stronger and durable; working time is automatically adjusted according to different seasons, and adjusting brightness at different times.

Besides the above latest products, CECEP will also conduct a trampling test on one of its PVB double-glazed modules. Our double-glazed module through the 1200 kg load experiment is sure to make it through the test with zero cracks! You are welcome to participate in this test!

CECEP Mono and Poly crystalline Solar Modules have acquired authoritative certification around the world, such as the JET、UL、CSA、MCS、VDE、TUV、CEC、CQC etc. Our products have passed authoritative test, such as PID、VDE Salt mist corrosion testing of photovoltaic、SGS Blowing sand test、ROHS test、test for Transport simulation with complete shipping unit、Mechanical Load test,Ammonia corrosion testing etc.

As a large central enterprise–the subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) Solar Energy Co., Ltd., CECEP’s main business is the research, manufacture and sales of crystalline silicon solar cells and components. It is committed to photovoltaic technology research and development, manufacturing and sales of photovoltaic products and photovoltaic system design and implementation.

Adhering to its “customer as the center, value as the base” corporate values, CECEP continues its exploration and innovations which are both pragmatic and progressive. This is done through continuous technological innovation and expansion of production scale in order to improve the quality of solar cell and components as well as reduce manufacturing cost, so that the solar energy which is inexhaustible, provides ample energy to thousands of households, to create a better tomorrow for human development.

Welcome to visit CECEP booth:


Intersolar Europe 2017

Looking forward to meet you!

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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