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  8. Centre’s KREDA scheme lighten ups lives of people in Kargil
Centre’s KREDA scheme lighten ups lives of people in Kargil

Centre’s KREDA scheme lighten ups lives of people in Kargil


In the far flung areas of Kargil where electricity is still a dream for many, a Central Government-sponsored scheme called the Kargil Renewable Energy Development Authority (KREDA) is bringing happiness into the lives of people living in the area by providing them with solar electricity. The electricity is not only supplied to local households, but also to colleges and hospitals. “Presently, there are around 157 villages in Kargil, out of which only 97 villages are electrified through this scheme. Because of the scattered nature of the villages, there is a huge problem with distribution and transmission through the power grid systems. A small solar photovoltaic system is a reliable and pollution free producer of electricity”, said KREDA development officer Kachoo Ahmad.

The transmission lines are very long, resulting in poor voltage regulation and high distribution losses, and also, it requires huge capital investment, which is financially unviable. Therefore, KREDA is concentrating on a decentralized power generation policy, which would be the best alternative for such rural and far-flung areas/villages of Kargil.”With solar power plant, we are experiencing a lot of benefits like there is light in colleges for the working of computers, in labs and also in libraries. Kargil is a rural area and having electricity here is very important,” said a local resident, Sajad Ali.
In Kargil, remote un-electrified and inaccessible villages such as Sapi, Batambis, Barsoo Nallah, Kukshow, Pacharik, Umba, Lankercheybrok and many more in the Zanskar Valley come under the category of remotely located and marginalized areas.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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