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Deepto’s Solar Power Touches 15,000 People in CHT

Deepto’s Solar Power Touches 15,000 People in CHT


In 2011, Deepto sparked a ray of light, through its renewable energy project of introducing electricity in form of solar energy, to the remote hilly areas.

A decade into the Deepto, and the entire story of people in these remote hilly areas have transformed, enlightened, and energized by the light of solar power, says a statement.

Today, very simple and ordinary works are being done at ease, which was quite impossible earlier due to devoid of light. Now, they are able to cook meals and do household chores at night. Modern electricity-run devices, from using electric fan, mobile phones etc. are now also in the grip of these people living in these areas.

Deepto’s impact however extends beyond the provision of clean energy. This initiative has further paved way for additional income generation from making handicrafts, knitting and sewing.

Furthermore, students are now able to study longer hours using the light from the solar power. Deepto has successfully driven transformation in uplifting the living standard of people in the remote hilly areas.

Till date, ‘Deepto’ has installed a total of 2,591 solar home systems across 25 villages of the Chittagong hill tracts area. More than 15,000 beneficiaries, mostly farmers, are directly being benefitted under this initiative.

51-years old Dumang Marma, a resident of Monglapara said that he was involved with farming since his childhood. Earlier, he along with his family members had to start working at the crack of dawn and wrap up before the sun set.

Now, things have changed. He expressed his gratitude to Deepto for this much needed initiative. Today, they can make some extra money by working at night, which is also helping them to save money, spent for kerosene oil.

The biggest change has been brought to the lives of women of the hilly areas. Now along with household chores, they are also being able to earn extra money.

Naumecheng Marma (28), another resident, said, in the past, her two lamps were the only hope for light in the nighttime and every month, around Tk 300 had to be spent for buying kerosene oil.

Deepto’s solar power has benefited her along with other women of the area. Now they are able to earn money by making various handicrafts at night time.

Local teacher Shui Mong Marma (35) said, “I can vividly see how students are getting inspired to study further. At night, you can hear the sound of children studying in the small houses in hill tract areas.

Now a days, they are attaining better results in exams than before. I sincerely believe that Deepto is playing a big role in this regard.”

Shedding light on the bigger picture of Deepto, spanning over the past decade in changing the lives of people of hilly areas, Professor Mohammad Shafiullah, chairman, Naikhyangchhari Upazila Parishad, said, “My heartiest congratulations to ‘Deepto’ on the eve of its 10th anniversary.

Since 2011, we have been enlightened with the light of Deepto. Let Deepto move forward in the days to come and continue to help to the backward people.”

Deepto’s work in enlightening and transforming lives through renewable energy has been proudly celebrated in several national and international platforms.

In recognition of the noble initiative, the project has been awarded with ‘Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award-2018’ for delivering solar power to the poverty-stricken communities in the hilly areas.

Furthermore, with pride Deepto is supporting the Government of Bangladesh’s effort in achieving its SDG #8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth) and SDG #13 (Climate Action).

It is strongly committed to building a self-sufficient Bangladesh by reducing the dependency on fossil fuel generated electricity and increase reliance on renewable energy.

Deepto will continue as the government’s partner in development committed to delivering a brighter tomorrow, adds the release.

Source: thefinancialexpress

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network