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Delhi: Govt seeks inputs from people for revised EV policy – EQ Mag

Delhi: Govt seeks inputs from people for revised EV policy – EQ Mag


NEW DELHI : The Delhi government has begun work on drafting a revised electric vehicle (EV) policy for the national capital. The existing one will expire in August. People can give their suggestions for the policy online. The link for the same is available on different social media sites of the transport department.

A senior official of the Delhi government said, “We had recently done a stakeholder consultation for drafting a revised Delhi EV policy. As part of the exercise and to make the consultation wider, we have also invited suggestions from common people.”

So far, most of the people have sought increased subsidies. Parking incentive, easier finance options and rebate in interest rate for people buying EVs are among the other suggestions.

Transport minister Kailash Gahlot said, “Consumer awareness campaigns, including the upcoming Switch Delhi 2.0 campaign, will be conducted to educate and encourage more individuals to embrace electric mobility. Moreover, partnerships with aggregators and efforts to enhance last-mile connectivity through e-autos, Delhi metro feeder e-buses, and individual e-two-wheeler options are actively being pursued.”

Delhi’s EV policy, which will complete its three years in August, has so far achieved around 86% of its measures and targets, the transport department stated.

The policy offers a battery capacity linked subsidy of Rs 5,000/kWh or up to Rs 30,000 for electric two-wheeler purchases. For electric four-wheelers, a purchase incentive of Rs 10,000/kWh of battery capacity was provided with a maximum limit of Rs 1.5 lakh per e-car. This was for the first 1,000 electric cars registered. For electric autos, e-rickshaws and electric freight vehicles too, there is a Rs 30,000 subsidy available.

Since August 2020, Delhi has registered over 1,20,000 EVs. These accounted for 17% of the new vehicle sales in the city in December 2022 – highest ever in India.

The city has 2,794 public charging points, 1,550 private charging points and 256 battery swapping stations.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network