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Delta Fosters a Sustainable Lifestyle with its Energy-efficient PV Inverters, Energy Storage Systems and EV Charging Solutions Featured at Intersolar

Delta Fosters a Sustainable Lifestyle with its Energy-efficient PV Inverters, Energy Storage Systems and EV Charging Solutions Featured at Intersolar


Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, will present, at Intersolar 2016, a broad portfolio of energy-efficient solutions to optimize the harvesting of renewable energy and to support the growing sustainable lifestyle megatrend. Delta’s brand new M80H PV inverter offers maximum 88kVA output power and industry-leading efficiency of up to 98.8%. Also, Delta’s Hybrid E5 energy storage system features a 95% high charging efficiency of DC electricity from the PV system directly to its own 6kWh Li-ion battery. Two newly-launched electric vehicle (EV) chargers, an ultra-fast 150kW DC capable of charging 4 EVs simultaneously, and a quick 25kW DC wallbox, are the ideal infrastructure for the growing network of EVs around the world.

The full showcase of these innovative and eco-friendly solutions by Delta at Intersolar 2016 Europe shall include:

Solar PV Inverters for Commercial Applications:

High-power and high-efficiency string inverters are ideal for large commercial and ground-mounted PV plants with megawatt-sized solar arrays where optimum yield is important to ensure a high return from the system. Thus, Delta’s new flagship inverter model, the 3-phase transformerless M80H series, offers maximum 88kVA output power and industry-leading peak efficiency of up to 98.8%. Other value-added features are:
2 MPP trackers and a high maximum input voltage up to 1100V allow for extra flexibility in system design and better performance in challenging conditions.
Rugged die-cast aluminium chassis and wiring box feature IP65 enclosure rating designed for outdoor installation even in harsh environments.
All-in-one design which greatly reduces the need for costly external devices. In fact, it includes built-in DC switches and AC and DC surge protection devices (SPDs). Multiple communication interfaces are available such as RS-485 and optional Ethernet.
The M30A series transformerless 3-phase inverter is also suitable for commercial applications given its added-value characteristics, such as maximum power output of 33kVA, excellent power density and high peak efficiency of 98.5%. It also offers:
Wide input voltage range of 200 – 1100V and 2 MPP trackers. Asymmetrical loading (33/67%) is also possible, ensuring maximum yield in large commercial rooftop installations with multiple roof orientations.
The M30A is approximately 30% lighter than its predecessor model (Solivia 30TL) and improvements in size are also evident.
It also features built-in Type II AC / DC SPDs and string fuses.
Excellent resistance to harsh outdoor conditions with IP65 enclosure rating for the electronics compartment and the AC plug.
Battery Energy Storage System:

The Hybrid E5 energy storage system is composed of the E5 hybrid inverter as well as an external cabinet equipped with a 6kWh Li-ion battery, a Power Meter and a Smart Monitor. The Hybrid E5 storage system is designed for new PV systems and boasts a high charging efficiency up to 95% of DC electricity from the PV array to the battery without additional equipment needed. The system also includes:
Greater flexibility and simplified installation as inverter and cabinet are separate.
The Smart Monitor not only controls the E5 inverter and battery functionality in an optimized way but it also serves as a gateway for visualization via mobile devices.

High peak efficiency (PV to Grid) of 97.2% and nominal continuous power output of 5.0kW for E5 hybrid inverter.
Built-in customized energy management modes for various customer needs.
EV Charging Solutions:

Delta is exhibiting two new EV chargers at Intersolar 2016. The innovative 150kW DC Ultra-fast EV Charger is capable of charging up to 4 EVs simultaneously as it supports CCS-200A, CHAdeMO-125A, Type2-63A as well as Type2-32A standards, meaning it covers practically all EVs. With output power of up to 150kW DC and up to 65kW AC users will experience a remarkable improvement in charging times especially when, in coming years, new-generation EVs with larger battery capacity and longer driving ranges enter the market. Operators taking this EV trend into consideration for their investment in charging infrastructure will be able to provide more attractive charging services to their clients in coming years, a key success factor in their EV charging business.

In addition, the newly-launched 25kW Wallbox DC Quick EV Charger, is capable of enhancing convenience to system integrators as it boasts dual output as well as pluggable modular power system architecture for a significant reduction in installation and maintenance costs. Its quick-charging nature (the 24kWh battery of a Nissan Leaf can be recharged from 0% to 80% in approx. 40 minutes, under certain conditions), RFID and mobile app user access, offer greater convenience to EV users in several commercial applications such as auto parking, EV fleet charging and even residential.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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