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Discoms project revenue deficit of 7,983 cr this yr

Discoms project revenue deficit of 7,983 cr this yr


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh power distribution companies on Friday submitted their annual revenue requirement (ARR) for 2017-18 to AP Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) projecting a revenue deficit of Rs 7,983 crore.

APSPDCL Chief Managing Director Dinesh Parchuri and APEPDCL Chief Managing Director H Y Dora proposed tariffs with no hike for 2018-19. The ARR submitted by the Discoms is Rs 33,466 crore. But the projected total revenue at current tariffs, including non-tariff income is Rs 25,483 crore only. With this, the total revenue deficit of Discoms at current tariff is Rs 7,983 crore.

As the average cost of supply (CoS) is Rs 6.14 per unit (increase by 10.7 per cent over approved in 2017-18) and the average revenue realisation at the current tariff is Rs 4.67 per unit and it leave a gap of Rs 1.46 per unit.

The state has energy surplus of 4,630 MU against the availability from all sources is 66,173 MU and the energy requirement is 61,543 MU. Sale of surplus energy is 3,100 MU (only in certain months of the year with a margin of 0.56 per unit).

The renewable power purchase obligation (RPPO) for 2018-19 is projected at 19.80 per cent, in which wind power is 7,809 MU (26 per cent increase over previous year), solar power is 3,800 MU (7 per cent increase over previous year) and other renewables are 5,74I MU.

Tariff proposal
In consultation with the State government, the Discoms have proposed no tariff increase during 2018-19 and around 1.72 crore consumers will be benefitted. As per proposals, 16 lakh consumers benefited with the 7-hour free power supply to agricultural consumers and 1,362 consumers benefited with tariff reduction proposed from Rs3.70 per unit to Rs1.50 per unit to rural horticulture.

Smart meters have been proposed for domestic usage with time of day (ToD) rebate of Rs 1.00 per unit and with this, 22,509 consumers are benefited. New tariff proposed for electric vehicles at Rs 6.95 per unit.

Discoms will create necessary charging infrastructure covering Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati and along State and National Highways. The above tariff proposal and subsidy support from the government is subject to the approval of the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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