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Dynamic Energy Completes Rooftop Solar Project with Impact Plastics

Dynamic Energy Completes Rooftop Solar Project with Impact Plastics


SHELTON, Conn.: Impact Plastics, a custom sheet extrusion company headquartered in Connecticut, recently completed the installation of a rooftop solar system. Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC, a full-service solar energy solutions provider, designed and built the system.

“Dynamic Energy is thrilled to have partnered with Impact Plastics on their solar initiative,” said Timothy Carr, VP of Business Development. “This project demonstrates that solar represents not only a terrific business decision that eliminates a variable overhead cost and provides significant savings that go right to the bottom-line but is a decision that also creates a meaningful environmental impact. Impact Plastics is a home-grown, American manufacturer that will now make the sun an asset for years to come and we commend their innovative leadership on taking this exciting step.”

The new rooftop system is comprised of 1,172 individual solar panels, for a total system size of 375,040 watts of clean power. The system is estimated to generate 451,876 kWh of electricity for use at the facility in the first year alone. Impact Plastics participated in Connecticut’s Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) solar incentive program and obtained a long-term award to produce solar-generated electricity at the site.

David Kingeter, President of Impact Plastics said, “Reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuel continues to be our highest priority. Sustainable initiatives such as the integration of solar energy to support our Putnam facility further enhances our position that Impact Plastics Putnam is likely the most sustainable custom sheet facility in North America.”

In addition to the cost savings, the solar energy system also drastically reduces the carbon footprint. The energy produced by the solar system equates to offsetting 371 tons of carbon dioxide in the first year – an equivalent amount of CO2 emitted by 72 passenger cars driven for an entire year.

About Impact Plastics

As a leader in the custom sheet extrusion industry, Impact Plastics specializes in high efficiency, tight tolerance, thin gauge extruded sheet and roll stock. Their diverse product offering of commodity thermoplastic resin materials are highly customizable and suitable for a variety of end-use applications. For over 45 years, Impact Plastics has been integrating the philosophy of continuous improvement with customized solutions and collaborative business relationships to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and service. For additional information on Impact Plastics, please visit www.impactplastics-ct.com.

About Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC

Dynamic Energy is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, finance, build and maintain projects to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and institutional customers. With an in-house team that includes professional engineers, project managers, and master electricians, Dynamic Energy creates high-quality projects that reduce customer expenses, improve operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment and achieve sustainability goals. For more information, please visit www.dynamicenergy.com.

Source: Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC
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