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EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI) signs consultancy service contract for carbon credits project of Kochi Metro Rail Project – EQ Mag

EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI) signs consultancy service contract for carbon credits project of Kochi Metro Rail Project – EQ Mag

  • EKI will now provide assistance and consulting services for validation, registration, verification, issuance and trading of carbon credits projects of Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL)

  • The aim is to enhance the environmental aspect of the metro project through certification for GHG emission reduction while delivering additional benefits in form of carbon credits

  • EKI will assist KMRL to monetize the carbon credits generated by its significant environmental impact

India : EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI), a leading developer and supplier of carbon credits across the globe, today announced that it has signed consultancy service contract with Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL), a Joint Venture Company of the Government of India and the Government of Kerala. The contract has been signed against a tender won by EKI for providing carbon credit advisory services to KMRL.

Under the contract, EKI will ensure development and assistance for Validation, Registration, Verification, Issuance and Trading of carbon credits projects of Kochi Metro Rail Project.As part of the contract, EKI will ensure end-to-end management of projects eligible for carbon credits including its verification in compliance with the guidelines followed by International Carbon Credit Mechanisms. With the help of EKI, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. will also be able to monetize emission reductions and earn additional revenue which it can use to support its multiple developmental initiatives.

Mr. Manish Dabkara, Chairman & MD, EKI Energy Services Ltd. said, “We are excited about our partnership with Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. and would like to thank KMRL for selecting us as their preferred partner. This win will enhance our leadership in Government sector projects as an expert in climate change solutions both nationally as well as globally. All of us at EKI are committed to continue offering our strategic solutions for mitigation and emission reduction while helping clients enable a strong climate action and earn additional revenue.”

Mr. Loknath Behera, Managing Director, Kochi Metro Rail Limited said,’ I am personally happy that atleast we have formally started our carbon crediting activities in association with EKI. It will not only help us in earning additional revenue but also give the optics to KMRL as a responsible sustainable transport provider.’

The tie-up will benefit EKI by strengthening its network of customers globally. EKI will develop high quality carbon credits from the modal shift transportation project, and help KMRL earn additional revenue by monetizing the carbon credits in the international carbon market.

About EKI Energy Services Limited

EKI Energy Services Ltd. is a leading Carbon Credit Developer & Supplier across the globe. It is the first ever company to list a Plastic Project from India with Verra – a global accreditation standard located in Washington, USA. Founded in 2008, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed company has been passionately working towards rehabilitating the planet to a future of net-zero carbon emissions. EKI offers sustainable solutions for climate change and carbon offsets with global standards like CDM, VCS, Gold Standard, GCC, IREC, TIGR and others. With an aim to contribute to the development of a climate resilient global economy, the company offers strategic solutions to businesses and organizations globally to achieve their climate ambition. EKI offerings span across Carbon Credit/Asset Management, Carbon Credit Generation, Carbon Credit Supply, Carbon Credit Offsetting, Carbon Footprint Management, Sustainability Audits, as well as Carbon Neutrality and Climate Positive initiatives. The company is today present in 16+ countries and has 3500+ customers across 40+ countries. As on date, EKI has supplied over 200+ million offsets.

About Kochi Metro

The Kochi Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Kochi in Kerala, India. It was opened to the public within four years of starting construction, making it one of the fastest completed metro projects in India. The Kochi metro project is the first metro in the country which connects rail, road and water transport facilities. Presently, KMRL operates 24 stations from Aluva to SN Junction. KMRL has been acting like an urban spine along which the city has developed and KMRL has been in the process of extending its reach to other parts of the city to reduce the impending traffic woes of the city commuters. Kochi Metro is the first metro rail system in India to be opened using Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system, where human intervention is reduced to a minimum.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network