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Electric vehicle charging station could be installed in Lebanon

Electric vehicle charging station could be installed in Lebanon


LEBANON, N.H. — At least one Upper Valley community is considering an electric vehicle charging station.

There are currently no EV charging stations on public property in Lebanon but that could soon change.

“Right now we’re on a short deadline to identify a location, get the City Council’s support, and hopefully get one of those here,” said Meghan Butts, the Electric Vehicle Subcommittee chair.

The city would lease land to Electrify America, which has installed many of these stations across the country.

“The city would not have to do the maintenance or anything like that. It would take up a few parking spaces, no matter what location it is,” Butts said.

The location has not been chosen yet, but officials would like to see one put in the downtown area.

“It’s close to the interstate, which is one of the parameters, as well as there is a lot of local businesses, restaurants, retail, that, while someone is charging their car for 20, 30 minutes, they’ll be able to visit our downtown. There’s the park,” Butts said.

There are charging stations on private property in the city, like Key Nissan of Lebanon, where drivers can charge up.

“Just really to help support the advancement of the technology and to help the community out in their use of the technology,” said service manager Chris White.

Butts said, “Our goal is to be at the City Council meeting, the first council meeting in December, to have a specific site and get authorization to sign a contract.”

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