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At Amplus, we believe that mental health works in tandem with the physical health for overall wellbeing. Amidst these difficult times, where many employees are under greater pressure while working from home, or are in constant fear of lay-offs, we have decided to ensure that everyone is connected with the community and feels a part of it. For the same, we launched the ‘Work from Home championship” – a series of engagement activities through digital channels of communication. It incorporates activities that promote digital learning to upgrade personal knowledge base, physical activity to ensure fitness, and informative sessions improving employee’s knowledge about the company.

We have already been flexible with our Work from Home policy since a long time. However, working from home for the entire organisation meant that efforts now had to be taken to keep the community stay connected. “Work from Home Championship” was launched on 21st March. The championship consists of a series of engagement activities on a daily basis, through digital communication channels that ensure that the employees are closely connected. The challenge was initially planned till 31st March but got extended to 14th April after the lockdown was announced.

The challenge is open to all the employees of the company. Everyone is given the same daily task which helps them earn points and climb up the ladder of the ‘Leader Board’. The tasks range from trivia questions about the company to posting pictures while engaging in activities at their homes through their social handles. There are bonus points for people who work-out, learn a new course via digital mediums, or write an article or blog for the company’s website.

The Leader Board is a rolling score board which I update daily. At the end, top 3 winners of the championship will be awarded with attractive cash vouchers by. Thus, while increasing the level of positivity in the employees by higher employee engagement, we are also incentivising them to focus on their physical health and skill enhancement during these tough times.

Multiple objectives are met in this process: (1) Keeping employees engaged with the company (2) Ensuring mental health (3) strengthening the sense of community and of course (4) Some added fun. The hardest task is to listen to my fellow colleagues on phone trying to convince me that they should be two rank up in the leader board every day!

We want to keep our employees motivated as they work in solitude. With this initiative, we are confident that in the times of uncertainty and confusion, our employees will remain at ease, and becomeour brand advocate.

Amplus runs offices in many cities including Gurugram and Bangalore and has more than 200 project sites spread over 22 different states across India. Of these, there are more than 50 sites that are under construction and involve significant number of people on site. With the outbreak of Pandemic Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been taking the necessary following preventive measures/best practices at offices & project sites to safeguard Health & Safety of Workers, employees, customers, visitors and stakeholders. With all the construction stalled, Amplus has been actively providing trainings to the construction engineers and workers to upskill them in areas such as communication, Excel, work process etc. Health is of paramount importance, and this reflects in Amplus’ HSSE policies.

About Amplus Energy Solutions:

Amplus Solar is Asia’s leading distributed energy company providing low carbon energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers. Amplus provides clean energy to its clients by setting up both on-site solar projects (rooftop and ground-mounted) and off-site solar farms.

Amplus is a 100% subsidiary of Petronas Holdings, Malaysia and is headquartered in Gurugram, India with regional offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Pune. Today, Amplus owns and manages a portfolio of 650+ MWp of distributed solar assets across Asia.

Amplus has also forayed into the Open Access segment and has a capacity of almost 200 MWp ground-mount projects – one in Chitradurga and one in Gadag, Karnataka. Currently, Amplus is working on an additional 200+ MW of open access Solar parks in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Amplus is also diversifying in new avenues such as Battery storage, Energy Efficiencies, Concentrated Solar Power Technologies and Electric vehicles among others.

Amplus’s operational plants are expected to cumulatively generate 11890 Million units of electricity over the 25 years duration of the projects. The CO2 abatement over the lifetime of these projects amounts to 11.43 Million Metric Tonnes. The environmental impact can also be equated to 13.13 Million mature trees absorbing CO2 for 40 years.

About Author:

Ms. Saumya Sinha, HR Business Partner

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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