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ENGIE will develop 325 MW in new photovoltaic projects in France and Brazil

ENGIE will develop 325 MW in new photovoltaic projects in France and Brazil


In France, through its subsidiaries Solairedirect, la Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, La Compagnie du Vent and Futures Energies, ENGIE has won bidding organized by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) for 14 photovoltaic projects representing 95.5 MW of installed capacity. The ENGIE group thus strengthens its position as photovoltaic leader in France with, to date, power already developed, constructed and operated 570 MW.

Four of these 14 projects use solar tracker equipment (technology by which photovoltaic panels absorb maximum energy by following the course of the sun) and ten feature fixed photovoltaic panels. The panels will be installed on non-agricultural land, with commissioning scheduled before the end of 2017.

ENGIE, major player in the green electricity generation in France

The bidding successes of ENGIE reflect the quality of its submissions and its competitiveness in solar photovoltaic technology and, more broadly, in renewable energy. ENGIE is the solar and onshore wind power leader in France, with an installed capacities of 1,450 MW, and second in hydraulic power with 3,824 MW installed capacity.

In Brazil, ENGIE, with its subsidiaries Tractebel Energia and Solairedirect, successful bid to develop 230 MW of solar after a call for tender organised by ANEEL (Agêncie Nacional de Energia Eléctrica), an agency affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Energy, demonstrating  the Groupe capacity to put forward a competitive solar offer.

Following the bidding, the Group has secured the sale of 230MW through its subsidiaries Tractebel Energia (30 MW) and Solairedirect (200 MW) for 20 years starting in November 2018.

The electricity will be produced at a 30 MW photovoltaic facility in Assu, in the region of Rio de Grande do Norte, to be built and operated by Tractebel Energia, and two photovoltaic facilities: Floresta, with a capacity of 80 MW, and Paracatu with 120 MW, located respectively in the regions of Rio de Grande do Norte and Minas Gerais, and which will be built and operated by Solairedirect.

ENGIE already operates over 10,000 MW of renewable energy in Brazil. Aside from these new solar projects and existing wind farms, Tractebel Energia is developing wind farm projects of approximately 750 MW via the Santa Monica project (97 MW) in the state of Ceará, and the Campo Largo wind farm located in the state of Bahia, comprising several wind farm projects for a total of some 650 MW at various stages of development.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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