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EnKing International is now tapping the South African Market

EnKing International is now tapping the South African Market


EnKing International, the premier brand for rendering strategic services related to carbon asset management, sustainability and climate change, recently announced its entry into Africa by registering ENKING INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD in South Africa, maximizing its presence and scope of climate change advisory services in the region. EKI’s operations in Africa will include carbon asset management, carbon footprint management, sustainability audits, training for quality control and management, carbon neutrality, life-cycle analysis, CDP, end-to-end carbon offset project management and trading with an office in Johannesburg.

EnKing International few months back announced the appointment of Ms. Verushka Singh as Director of EnKing International, Africa. Ms. Singh will lead the direction of all regional activities and report directly to EnKing International MD & CEO, Mr. Manish Dabkara.

The entry into Africa supports the Company’s strategic business decision and global growth strategy campaign aimed at winning new markets in providing more targeted carbon asset management services, sustainability report services, and climate change mitigation services.

“Africa is a very important piece to our business portfolio which will significantly expand our presence in this thriving and growing marketplace,” said Mr. Naveen Sharma, Director of Carbon Credit Trading and Climate Change advisory, EnKing International. “The expansion targets Africa’s nearly 70 % businesses of all the sectors and allows EKI to expand its clientele and drive the company’s involvement while supporting one of the fastest growing regions in the world.”

Through its strong carbon credit trading network and expert sustainability services, EnKing International will render strategic solutions to the companies in the region so that they can align their working as per the recently ratified Paris Agreement.

“The region’s environmental and global strength will allow us to leverage and accelerate our international growth by supporting continent’s population of more than 1.3 billion and businesses working in environment, energy and forestry projects through our strong network and years of experience,” Mr. Dabkara added

“By adapting to the climate crisis, Africa has the unique opportunity to transform its economies, strengthen its social fabric, build resilience, and become more competitive in the global market.” said Verushka Singh Appointed Director, EnKing International – South Africa.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network