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Environmental sustainability is very close to our heart: Glenmark


Many Indian drug makers have become more enviornment conscious now and are working towards reducing carbon footprint through initiatives like green chemistry, zero liquid discharge, conserving water, and increasing use of renewable energy.

One such company is Glenmark that has been working towards environmental sustainability for many years. The company spends about 3-5 percent of its overall cost on sustainability initiatives.

“Environmental sustainability is very close to our heart as a company,” Kanish Malik, president and head of global operations at Glenmark told Moneycontrol on occasion of the World Environment Day.

“We have our CSR agenda which has four pillars and the core to that is enriching people lives. And one of the imperatives for us is environmental sustainability,” Malik said.

Eleven of Glenmark manufacturing sites are ISO140001 certified. “It takes a long time to get there, so that tells you how important environmental sustainability for us,” Malik said.

Glenmark recycles and reuses about 98 percent of water at its facilities. Over the last four years, the company has reduced its water footprint by almost 28 percent, which is equivalent to supplying drinking water to 1.2 million people.
The company has all its facilities designed to save energy. The equipment it uses also are energy efficient. Almost 3.6 percent of the power it consumes is sourced from renewable energy and 6.9 percent of fuel is biofuel and natural.
The company says it can increase the mix of green energy driven by availability of the resource. “When we look at enriching people lives, it’s not all about savings,” Malik said.

“Anything you do about protecting environment is also good for business. It forces you to be more efficient,” he added.

Source: Money Control
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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