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EQ Exclusive Interview With Mr. Saurabh Bhandari Founder & CEO – SolarMaxx

EQ Exclusive Interview With Mr. Saurabh Bhandari Founder & CEO – SolarMaxx


Can you please tell us about SolarMaxx, how it started and how it came into industry?

What started as an experiment in 2008 to light up the rural India, SolarMaxx has today become a leading name in Solar Energy especially in Rajasthan and the neighbouring regions. SolarMaxx introduced smaller off grid solutions in the initial years of inception gradually introducing larger projects in Solar energy not just solar lighting but also solar water heating. Today SolarMaxx is the leading manufacturer of Solar panels in Rajasthan and it continues to lead the Solar Water Heating in North India.

Anything special happening in SolarMaxx this year?

This is a very special year for us. This is our 10th anniversary year! The year so far has been full of new launches, introduction of new products and solutions across all our verticals. With ever increasing efficiency of our modules, we have also been successful in introducing and supplying cut-cell series of our Solar Panels. Cut cell panels were an attraction at the REI this year with most manufacturers. We are proud to have introduced this series last year and celebrated success of its application over the past few months already.

How has REI been for you over the past three days?

We have always considered REI as a platform for us to present our products and solutions to the rest of the world. We come here with the only expectation to meet most of our existing clients from all of India at one platform. REI was once again very successful for us in meeting our expectation. It is heartening to learn that people have appreciated our products and solutions and have in deed referred us to their peers in the industry. We received many visitors at our booth who were referred by our existing clients. This gives us a huge confidence boost and helps us keeping our momentum going while offering high quality products and solutions within a very competitive industry.

Any further expansion plans?

Last year in REI we had introduced the half cut panels. We plan to expand this offering even further this year. Besides our modules production capacity which is bound to increase by two folds this year, we are also rapidly expanding our EPC services portfolio. We now boast of in house design, engineering and execution team which is a plus especially as a module manufacturer. We are confident of our modules quality which is why we are eager to offer generation guarantees to our client without any hesitation.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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