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Essel Infra to expand footprint in green energy

Essel Infra to expand footprint in green energy


Essel Infra is committed towards expanding its foot-print in the green energy sector, a senior company official said.

Essel Infra’s 11.5MW waste-to-energy plant in Jabalpur has been rated as the second best project in integrated Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy category across India by the Housing and Urban Affairs ministry, a company statement said.

Commissioned in May 2016, the plant generates 11.5 mw energy by recycling 600 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day and reducing over 37,000 tonnes of carbon emission for Jabalpur annually.

 APM Terminals launches cold storage facility in Chennai

APM Terminals, which is also known as Gateway Terminals India (GTI), today inaugurated a cold storage warehouse in Chennai.

“The facility will ensure reliable and stable transport of cargo, including goods such as fish, fruits, medicines, and speciality chemicals, which require strict temperature control throughout the supply chain,” APM Terminals Mumbai said in a statement.

Spread over an area of 10,000 square metres, the facility will provide refrigerated container plug-in facilities for cold warehousing, services like on-wheel customs seal verification, and bonded cargo movement to different seaports and airports, it said.

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Source : PTI
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