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Featured – Growatt Receives ‘Most Valuable Inverter Brand’ in India

Featured – Growatt Receives ‘Most Valuable Inverter Brand’ in India


On Jan 30 Growatt received ‘MOST VALUABLE INVERTER BRAND FOR THE YEAR 2018’ at Annual Solar Awards 2019 in Maharashtra, India. The award highly recognizes Growatt’s brand equity in terms of brand awareness, market share, product quality, customer service etc.

Growatt has been supplying India market with a comprehensive range of solar inverters with capacity from 1KW to 80KW since 2011, and has become a leading inverter brand in the rooftop sector. According to BridgeToIndia, Growatt is the Top 3 PV inverter brand in India’s rooftop sector. “We’ve been here in India for over eight years now and we are doing a great job. Especially when it comes to the rooftop sector, we are very well recognized and clients think highly of our products and services,” said Rucas Wang, Growatt Regional Director.

As we learned from Wang, Growatt focused on residential and C&I PV solutions since its foundation. With its comprehensive product lines, technology advantages and reliable product and services, it has now grown into a global leading inverter brand. In China, it’s the No.1 Chinese Residential PV Inverter Supplier. According to IHS Markit, it has become the global TOP 10 PV inverter supplier. “By now we’ve shipped over 1.33 million inverters globally and more than 200,000 Growatt inverters have been running for over five years. And we are proud of our achievements,” shared Wang.

When asked how Growatt attain continuous business growth in India, Wang said, “We keep adapting to the changing market. For instance, recently we introduced a new C&I inverter model, Growatt MAX into Indian market. This development is based on the changing market environment. As the technology develops, the inverter is expected to have more functionalities and become smart. Therefore, MAX is designed with quad-core architecture that will greatly enhance its capability to handle all kinds of tasks. With our Online Smart Service (OSS) platform, MAX will be able to monitor, record, diagnose and update the PV system etc from our PC or mobile devices. Additionally, this year the rooftop market is expected to be dominated by C&I solar and MAX has got capacity from 50 to 80kW, which is suitable for both large rooftop and utility scale power plants.”

Growatt have already established their service center and warehouse in Hyderabad along with service offices in eight major cities. A toll-free service hotline has been set up as well. With continuous investments, Growatt will strengthen its leading market position and provide better products and services for the clients.

Source: growatt
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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