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Freedom Solar Ramps up in Houston, Brings New Sustainable Energy Options Post-Harvey

Freedom Solar Ramps up in Houston, Brings New Sustainable Energy Options Post-Harvey


HOUSTON: Freedom Solar Power has ramped up its presence in Houston and introduced a new energy solution to protect homeowners and businesses from losing power during outages: SunPower solar systems combined with the Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery.

Battery backup is an ideal solution for power outages caused by hurricanes, and Freedom Solar Power is the largest distributor of Tesla Powerwall batteries in Texas.

“Freedom Solar’s arrival to the world energy capital with its cost-competitive, premium products sends a clear message that the time has arrived for solar power across Texas,” says Pat Wood, former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and current member of the National Petroleum Council.

“Adding the capability to store solar power with a battery backup during outages makes it the ideal choice for literally everyone, as I found out during last year’s Hurricane Harvey,” Wood says.

According to Paul Hobby, founding partner of Genesis Park LP, and CEO of Texas Monthly magazine: “As a residential and commercial customer of Freedom Solar, I can confirm their strong reputation. They are thriving in Houston because of their integrity and solution-oriented approach,” Hobby says.

Hobby and Wood both have solar and battery backup systems installed by Freedom Solar Power.

Freedom Solar is the only SunPower master dealer in Texas, combining world-record-setting technology with Freedom’s brand of craftsmanship and attention to detail. SunPower systems are backed by the best 25-year power and product warranty available on the market, and Freedom Solar also guarantees its workmanship with a 25-year warranty. The Complete Freedom Warranty© is the strongest combined warranty in the industry.

About Freedom Solar Power

Freedom Solar Power is the leader in turnkey solar installations in Texas, providing high quality, cost-effective, reliable solar solutions for residential and commercial markets. Recognized as the number one supplier of residential solar systems in Austin by Austin Energy, the fourth-fastest growing company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal, and number 338 on Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest-growing private companies in America, Freedom Solar has completed projects for corporate clients including Whole Foods, Office Depot, Lake Flato Architects, and the University of Texas, among others. https://freedomsolarpower.com/

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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