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FTC Solar announces new rooftop design features for SunDAT

FTC Solar announces new rooftop design features for SunDAT


SunDAT users can now integrate PanelClaw structures and develop comprehensive rooftop DC electrical designs

SAN FRANCISCO: FTC Solar’s SunDAT software (https://sundat.ftcsolar.com), the industry’s leading PV design automation product, is adding PanelClaw racking to its component library and new electrical design features for rooftop projects.  The new electrical design features will be available in the Pro version of SunDAT, while the PanelClaw products will be made available to all users.

The collaboration between FTC Solar and PanelClaw represents both companies’ commitment to streamlining the solar process through design, permitting and construction.  Once a design is completed in SunDAT, a simple import into PanelClaw’s clawOS system will generate construction-ready plans in minutes.  “The power of SunDAT for automated array layout generation and electrical system design combined with the power of clawOS for racking structural design yields a state-of-the-art tool flow that significantly improves the productivity of commercial roof top PV system designers,” said John de Papp, CTO of PanelClaw.

SunDAT’s new rooftop DC electrical design features allow users to identify PV source circuits in their module layout and place electrical equipment in 3D.  Defining precise equipment locations and electrical hierarchy enables SunDAT to auto-generate a DC wire schedule and a BOM that can be used for cost estimation and construction.  “Rooftop-focused electrical design in SunDAT and our work with PanelClaw signal an expansion into detailed solar design for rooftop systems.  SunDAT is a premier design optimization tool for solar developers and a platform for solar EPCs that want to automate their detailed design process,” said Tony Etnyre, VP of Operations at FTC Solar.

To sign up for a free trial of SunDAT visit https://sundat.ftcsolar.com. For more information, please contact sundat@ftcsolar.com.

About FTC Solar: FTC Solar is a team of dedicated renewable energy professionals focused on delivering single-axis trackers, value-add software and engineering services to its customers. With over 4GW of worldwide project experience, FTC Solar’s offerings drive value for solar applications including ground mount, canopy and rooftop. For more information please visit www.ftcsolar.com.

About PanelClaw: Headquartered in Massachusetts, PanelClaw delivers PV power plant mounting structures and engineering services to accelerate the adoption of solar electricity across North America. PanelClaw remains at the forefront of the solar industry as a leading supplier of flat roof systems, setting new standards for safety and reliability of photovoltaic arrays. For more information please visit www.panelclaw.com.

Source: FTC Solar, Inc.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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