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Giant Partnership between Huawei and NESI Boosts PV Agricultural Information

Giant Partnership between Huawei and NESI Boosts PV Agricultural Information


Huawei and Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc. (NESI) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement at the SNEC meeting. According to the agreement, NESI will extensively cooperate with Huawei on the 1 GW project this year, which will apply Huawei FusionSolar3.0 smart PV solution, including PLC control system, wireless broadband system, PID control system and smart PV plant management system. NESI and Huawei had a further discussion on new energy, the internet, modern wisdom agriculture and new model of solar-agriculture project at the meeting, where a consensus of fostering PV agricultural information and intelligence was reached.

In 2015, China’s first space for agricultural maker was erected by NESI, who has developed into a leading enterprise in the field of PV agriculture in China by means of technical and financial superiority. The creative mode of the PV agricultural development and the poor relief mode that enables farmers to extend reproduction qualify NESI for a leading enterprise in terms of PV poor relief and innovation and entrepreneurship. Now, NESI’s industrial park of the PV agriculture has landed in 23 provinces and covers an area of over 40,000 mu (6589.5 acres) including 40 industrial parks that have been built or are under construction. These industrial parks can provide the PV station installed capacity of more than 630 MW in total.

To accelerate agricultural modernization and informatization, as a responsible officer in NESI states, NESI chose to cooperate with Huawei considering the requirements of enterprise strategy development. Particularly, Huawei smart PV solution has received wide acknowledgments from customers all over the world and Huawei is a reliable partner.It is described that Huawei FusionSolar3.0 smart PV solution displays apparent advantages, such as high-precision detection for leakage current to protect the personnel. Other advantages are following. The smart PV controller is adopted to enable full quota configuration in comparison with the large-capacity central inverter, avoiding unnecessary investing waste. Huawei smart PV broadband transmission system is installed inside the site to transmit more safely and to solve the difficulty in locating faults. The SUN2000 smart PV controller weighs less than 50 kg and is mounted on the pole or wall to reduce the footprint.

Huawei responsible officer says that the giant partnership between Huawei and NESI is based on the deep consensus of PV station intelligentization. Huawei FusionSolar smart PV solution enables the fan, shutter, blower and drip irrigation system inside the greenhouse to receive power locally. Soil temperature and humidity, air temperature and humidity and carbon dioxide concentration are linked to the sensors, which can manage big data. The solution helps to achieve wisdom agriculture and promote PV agricultural information and intelligence.The decision that Huawei, a global smart PV leader, cooperates with NESI can generate power effectively and perform management efficiently. Besides, this decision responds actively to China’s appeal for reducing abandoned light rate. The cooperation leads the trend of technology and sets a benchmark for the industry. Both Huawei and NESI benefit from each other. For bluer sky and clearer water, both sides walk hand in hand and build a better future.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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