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Global Solar Demand Monitor: Q2 2017

Global Solar Demand Monitor: Q2 2017


In 2017, global solar demand will exceed 80 GW for the first time. Demand growth of 6%-8% per year is expected through 2019, as recently tendered projects reach completion and new markets take off. Yet again, China will be the key driver, and we retain our Q1 2017 assumption that Chinese demand in 2017 will account for 39% of the global market. This quarter, we’ve taken a deeper dive into each of the main Chinese policy demand drivers as well as global project risks including currency risk and trade protectionism that could threaten growth in every region.

The Global Solar Demand Monitor is a quarterly report that provides insight into major developments for the global solar landscape, offering an assessment of the trajectory and key trends in the global market and providing scenario-based demand forecasts, insights on project pipelines, financing conditions, and supply-chain dynamics at the regional and country level. The analysis spans across market segments – residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale – and includes deep-dive analysis on each regional market.

This report is part of GTM Research’s Global Downstream Solar Service, an annual subscription that analyzes the demand drivers, policies and risks that shape global solar markets. It enables companies to be successful in navigating the global market today, and anticipate trends in the future.

For Premium License buyers and subscribers, each quarter’s Monitor includes a spreadsheet-based dataset with segmented demand forecasts at the global and regional levels, historical data, and deeper information on 26 major markets.

Source: greentechmedia
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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